Security engineering

A multidisciplinary team of experts analyzes, evaluates, designs, plans and executes all types of facilities physical, electronic and fire. The individualization of each project, avoiding predefined standards regardless of the magnitude of it, are the hallmark of the company in this area.
The professionals at ADVANCED SECURITY BUSINESS GROUP safety engineering have developed national and international projects in petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, museums, banks, embassies, commercial centers, private companies and private clients at all levels.

Phisical security installations
  • - Armoured or shield shortcuts
  • - Glassware anti bullet
  • - Blast scatter devices
  • - General or partial bunkers
  • - Static and hydropneumatic barriers
  • - Safety enclosures
Electronic security systems
  • - CCTV systems, anti intrusion and access control high-tech
  • - Software intelligent video analysis
  • - Electronic perimeter barriers
  • - Alarm and image transmission over long distances
  • - Central monitoring station
Special Facilities
  • - Face recognition alarm
  • - Alarm in case of sabotage of electrical, electronic or telephonic
  • - Speech Recognition
  • - Electronic Sweeps
  • - Pressure and seismic sensors
  • - Explosive Detectors
  • - Biometric device
Security room or anti panic

This is an armored enclosure inside the house with independent ventilation systems, electricity and communications, connected to a home automation software, manual and / or automatic, to a central station, and turn to services emergency addition to the Security Forces of the State closer to home.
The characteristics of this facility offered by Advanced Security Business Group differ from similar in:
a) Individualization of each case
b) Not used armored prefabricated dwellings
c) The set is complemented with two additional security systems: Advanced perimeter detection and IDT (Intrusion Delay System).

  • - Armor steel and fiberglass: floors, walls and roof.
  • - Sliding Gate shielded.
  • - Armored shutters with home automation system.
  • - Glass unbreakable.
  • - System Integration independent external communication networks: GSM network, GPRS, SMS. INTRANET.
  • - System of autonomous power supply.
  • - Ventilation equipment for the extraction procedure.
Systems maintenance
  • - Regular Supervision.
  • - Replacing Devices.
  • - Repair of units.
  • - Reconfiguration of systems.
  • - Cleaning of equipment.
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