Consulting & Risk Management

Globalization, the increasing interest of Spanish companies beyond our borders and the current geopolitical situation, force necessarily require the support of consulting firms to develop their international projects.
ADVANCED SECURITY BUSINESS GROUP is created with the aim of providing this support on national security assets. Over 25 years of experience of its professionals support the guarantee of success in situations of crisis or critical risk levels. In these cases, the work of foreign consultants is influenced by government pressure through its diplomatic missions, by simple patriotism or economic issues from government agencies or private environment.
In the geographic scope of its own, the use of high technology, industrial espionage, unfair competition and organized crime, they need the help of experts to analyze the risks, identify threats and provide solutions.

Advisory & Consulting
  • - Comprehensive security.
  • - Emergency plans.
  • - Computer Security.
  • - Plan system maintenance.
  • - Operating Procedures.
  • - Contingency plan and off recovery disaster.
  • - Self-protection plans.
  • - Evacuation plans.
  • - Cabinet crisis.
  • - Action Protocols.
  • - Advice on HR.
  • - Assessment of safety.
  • - Physical Security.
  • - Integrated Security Systems.
  • - History Staff.
  • - Information security and data protection.
  • - Plan audit.
  • - Electronic.
  • - Fire Safety.
  • - Prevention of occupational hazards.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, as well as the recommendations for the corporate management, will depend at all time on the previous actions.

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