Anti-terrorist prevention plans - Intelligence

The structuring of specific anti-terrorist prevention plans is fundamentally based on the correct management of the main tools that provide solidity and reliability in its implementation:
INTELLIGENCE.- Sources of Information on the Site, Open Sources, Counter-vigilance in Operations Zone, Official Sources and Intelligence Services.
EXECUTION CAPACITY.- Reaction teams , physical and electronic security support, Self-protection plans, Business continuity plans, Emergency and Evacuation Plans, permanent real-time monitoring and General Security Plan.

Crisis management in high-risk countries

The development of tactical and strategic plans form the backbone of the system, prevention, based on the following actions:
- Activation of the staff and infrastructure in the country of destination.
- Posting of experts to study and address area of operations.
- Static information of the country.
- Country Risk Report with regular updates:

Gestión de crisis en paises de alto riesgo
  • * General information.
  • * Current geopolitical situation.
  • * Crime and Organized Crime.
  • * Intelligence Analysis.
  • * Current situation in the country.
  • * Terrorist Activity.
  • * Risk analysis.
  • * Safety Tips.

- Training and seminars at origin and destination.
- Drills.
- Handbook of self.
- Extraction and evacuation plan.
- Deployment as Operational Plan.

  • * Intelligence.
  • * Counter Surveillance.
  • * Protection and escort.
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